Easy Homemade Mutt Loaf Recipe

I’ve found this cool video where Rick Woodford, author of Feed Your Best Friend Better, shows an easy to make Mutt Loaf recipe… I made it and my pup has just LOOOOOVED it!

Another site that you can check is the Dog Food Selector. They have dozens of useful articles about dog food. I also found out this cool recipes: http://dogfoodselector.com/dog-treats-recipes/

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Best Ab Toner?

Everybody has had it all, from the magical pills to the jelly dumbbells all in a quest to get the perfect set of abs. Since everything is not always rosy and most times a lot of money and time is wasted. However flex belt has once again come up to fill the spot. Flex belt is a belt designed to work on your abs while you work on something else which literally means whether you are watching TV or doing laundry you are still working out.

How it works

Flex belt cones in a set of 3 nodes with a controller and sticky pads. To make it work you have to stick the 3 nodes onto your body one on your right side another on your left and another just on top if your navel. In addition you have to stick the sticky pads mm on top of the nodes that you had earlier placed. It then goes on to send EMS to your stomach which helps clench and release the muscles within your stomach, thus building your Abs.

Pros of the belt

When you wear the belt you can actually do something else as it does not restrain you since it has many levels of resistance in which you can easily chose one you are comfortable with. In addition if you are a rather fit person results can easily be achieved with wearing the belt for 30 minutes daily. Since it comes with a 2 year guarantee it is easily trustworthy. Read these reviews of flex belt.


You will not lose weight as purported, this goes on to make sense as the belt is used for toning purposes rather than weight lose purposes, thus one cannot sit down watch TV and expect to see a set of Abs appear. In addition it breaks down easily; you should not imagine that since it has been called a belt that it is actually one. This is a sophisticated piece of equipment that needs care otherwise will break down easily with no results to show for it. It is also extremely expensive to purchase.

My Musings on Holistic Fitness

I always believe that humans are created with a body and soul, and these two are equally important when you talk about fitness. The goal when it comes to the body is to take care of it by nurturing it and basically, feeding it well. The can be said about the soul.

You feed the body with healthy food and you avoid filling it with junk. The soul feeds from what you sense or perceive, and you can choose what to absorb and what to throw out. Real fitness, I think, means taking care of these two vital components.

Many people neglect the body, jeopardizing their holistic health since whatever happens to the body affects the soul. Obesity triggers various physiological concerns and is detrimental to the soul, so you need to stop it from emerging. Well, if you’ve been trying to avoid that health issue, you might have heard of yacon syrup.

What is it? Is taking it really a smart way of keeping obesity at bay? Where to purchase yacon syrup? I’ve always wondered about this organic supplement that people with weight problems speak of with hope and pride. I immediately liked it when I knew that it is just a humble root crop.

healthy living

From taking this humble plant, many amazing things can happen. Besides reducing your weight, it lowers blood sugar levels, helps the intestine digest food in a healthy way, and prevents diabetes. As I reflect on the merits of the yacon plant, I can’t help but think that the amazing organic health food has already helped many, particularly in keeping both body and soul healthy.

What I’ll Eat to Lose Weight

This month, I’m planning to move away from being obese and be more disciplined with the foods I eat. Yes, this is not a task that everyone will deem simple, and given the vast number of treats I see every single day around the corner before I go to work, strictly following what I plan to eat will only get more difficult.

However, I’m one among the positive thinkers, so this, I hope, is not something I should be worried about. And since I’m just getting started, I figured I’d not be too harsh on myself, which brought me to eggs and sausages as among the first things I’d include in my diet. There’s nothing to laugh about, as when eaten for breakfast, this duo can help me reduce cravings between meals, and its effect can last for an entire day.

I’d also be sure to not miss placing apples on our table. I just discovered that it’s better to simply eat the apple as it is, rather than go for apple sauce or juice. This is because eating a whole apple can blunt your appetite, which is not achievable with its juice or sauce version.

I have a very big appetite, even for some foods that I don’t really fancy, which is why I have to have soup in most of my meals. This, I’m sure, will be essential in keeping me feel full, thus limiting the amount of foods I’d be consuming.

I’m pretty sure that I’ll be able to achieve weight loss with garcinia cambogia extract. This will surely curb my appetite to a minimum.

The stress I’ve been experiencing in the office, as well as at home, is becoming a little too much for me to handle. Since I’m a stress eater, this will be a huge help, as it will improve my mood so stress eating won’t be too much of a problem.

Summer Goal: Marine-like Physique

My greatest dream is to become a Marine and had fate decreed, I would have been one. Unfortunately, circumstances from the past made me change my plans and now, I am on an entirely different field.

While I enjoy my job, I never stopped hoping that someday, although I may not be a Marine, at least I get to look and feel like one. I have been to several workout programs to boost my build and endurance. Although I was satisfied with the results, I found myself wanting for more.

Scott Sonnon Tacfit Commando is a program that I have keeping tabs on for quite a while. It is actually used in training real-life secret agents and military soldiers. Its 20-minute workout is packed with intensity and fat-melting power that other exercises have not tapped on before.

scott sonnon

Through its unorthodox techniques, I will be able to attain tireless stamina and develop extreme range reactive strength. It also promises me unbelievable speed, agility and active recovery. The training’s techniques focus on developing the nervous system to heighten my alert level and push me beyond my limit.

It is portable, efficient and relevant – three aspects that any workout aficionado expects from his fitness plan. With its varied strategies, there is absolutely no chance of my becoming bored again.

I have read glowing reports of the program, even by Marines and SEALs, on how effective the Commando is in creating the chiseled body they desire. Not only that, they also swear on its effect on their performance in the field and how it helped them in boosting the body coordination vital to their operation.

I look forward to trying Tacfit Commando this summer. I have already arranged my schedule so that I can focus on my work out and get its full results. Hopefully, by the end of the season, I will be sporting a better-than-ever physique.

Welcome post!

This is my very first post ever…

This an important milestone… I’ll remember forever!

Do you remember your first time?


I have several goals for myself…

Here’s what I want to be:

A good-looking healthy guy that help others achieving their goals…

I know that I’ll be popular among girls if I’m like that 🙂 LOL

Just kidding…

I want to be a normal healthy guy that lives his life to the fullest… with friends and family!

Later on, I’ll create a YouTube channel and make awesome videos just for you… what do you think?